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Dr. Brooke Stuart’s Self-Care Speech

On Thursday, May 12th, 2022, Dr. Brooke Stuart presented a speech about self-care at Elle Collective’s program launch:

I was driving my dog, Pax, to Bark Orlando this morning, where dogs play all day, and listening to 107.7- I don’t have children yet but I can imagine that daycare is a form of self-care, and 107.7 said do you know the number one thing Floridians are afraid of?

And I thought to myself immediately – themselves.

They were referring to hurricanes but I come from a perspective that hurricanes couldn’t even touch the terror of what could be looking right back at us in the mirror let alone I-4.

And entrepreneurship my friends is a storm at the highest degree- and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone- equally, I could not be – breathe or live out any other life. I don’t think we would be standing in this room together if parts of us didn’t crave or like the distress- if parts of us didn’t love it- if parts of us didn’t find beauty in the wreckage because within this deconstruction we learn what is there- what does stand- who we are- and what we are made of- as we enter into a sea of continuous opportunities to let go and grow, to give and to receive and to enter into a relationship with ourselves that requires an authentic form of self-care in this way.

107.7 had no idea what they did this morning.

How their casual talk on hurricanes and water bottles became about becoming the eye of the storm.

When I first started my practice 8 years ago, I went to give a talk, at the beginning of it, I felt as if I was going to blackout and I saw a clear choice- in the midst of 100 people- I saw the door. where I could walk out and leave and never come back and I also somewhere besides that choice saw the option to keep going. Something in me decided to keep going to choose that choice that took courage to make- self-care and I said to the room I am so nervous- self-care- and the whole room breathed with me and the rest of the talk went smoothly.

I went on the news every month for about a year and had to decide preemptively to love myself even if I blacked out on television or my hair looked like Hermione Granger’s and this took an unwavering commitment to non-judgment and the throughline reminder that I didn’t come into this life to judge myself I came into this life to be myself and part of self-care, I’ve learned, is to develop the ability to turn into and facilitate these difficult conversations, as a leader, within my own self, to adequately be the guardian of my own life, my projects, company and dreams.

In this way, self-care is not just about clearing your schedule, eating healthy, sleeping well, taking vitamins, working out and meditating- even though as a holistic doctor I know how much it is too.

There are many ways to pretend like you care to go through the motions but the purest form is to actually. Do I actually care about myself?

And when all goes awry these fundamentals can have your back and become pathways to the other side. Knowing yourself and your fundamentals is a part of honoring who you are- how you show up and what you bring to this world, which implies caring and caring for yourself.

When the pandemic hit, I saw my business drop to the floor- but I didn’t.

I saw a low turn into a high- but I didn’t care. I was just grateful and interested in making sure my lifelong dream of being completely virtual was a reality that I could keep.

So I bought an air fryer went carnivore said yes to the gift and happily quarantined myself.

The events in our lives will ebb and flow but who- what and where we are can deepen- and we can access this power to navigate and steer and stabilize the system in the midst of the ever-changing.

I have found that stability comes from acknowledging our power of choice that lies in the heart of being the creator – we each have the power to choose how we perceive, interact with and interpret each life experience along with the practical everyday choices that make up our lives.

And to learn to trust the self in the midst of fear- to know that we can when we feel we can’t- is a worthwhile pursuit because as you rise fear falls- and surrounding yourself with communities, mentors, co-workers and environments that bring light to the darkness is a way out.

Ram Dass said we are all just walking each other home – which becomes more and more possible when we release the confines of self-imposed smallness for the expansion reflective of the truth that we are.

When you shine, you give other people permission to do the same- and in this way, self-care doesn’t always mean going on a Tibetan retreat.

It can mean saying no to say yes to yourself.

It can mean saying yes when someone offers a hand you feel undeserving of.

or it can just mean to care enough about your dreams to listen.

What you want wants you to, and there is a roadmap and desires strategically placed inside of you on purpose- for a reason. And self-care can look a lot like creating an environment for these dreams to simply breathe. Letting go of what holds them back and developing what doesn’t.

You may not make sense to everyone else- but you do make sense.

Last year, we created a Mind Body Reset program, this year we wrote a children’s book and every day we get to work with our patients as they heal from the past, envision their future and create in the here and now focused on all that they are, all that they have and all that they can do.

I’ll finish with the last page of the book we just published, Zoë Climbs The Stairs a part of the Let’s Grow With Zo Children’s book series, where we teach parents, children and everyone in between how to step up with themselves and grow through life’s many challenges.

Thank you God I love it here I can feel the sunlight when I face my fears- I hoped so before but now I know, I can do anything when I choose to grow.

You can do anything when you choose to grow- and self-care is a practical way to actualize that.

what is best for you is best for all, and I am so glad you are here. If I can be helpful in any way, please let me know.

Amy, thank you for putting this together.

and I’ll actually finish with a quote my mom who is an entrepreneur in this room loves most

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming”

Wow! What a ride!

To the journey!

Thank you.


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