How To Self-Destruct, A Step By Step Guide

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how to self-destruct, a step by step guide. Health, joy, peace, love, and the variety of expansive states can come about through honoring our true nature and choosing choices in alignment with who we are and what we desire. Let yourself build your kingdom by choosing the healthiest options, the choices that align with your vision, being what you see now, choosing that which empowers versus disempowers, and going from there. Here, by practically raising the vibration of the people, places, things and situations in your life, you will also change your internal state and vice versa. It works both ways!

  • The Danger: It’s very dangerous to run away from your true self and the challenges at hand that are built strategically to help you yield your power and access freedom- and instead choose the choices that are not in your best interest.
  • There Are Formulas For Self-Destruction: This, to run away and opt out of the best choices available, is the perfect formula for self-destruction. When and where low self esteem, low self confidence and a contentious disrespect of self can set in, becoming increasingly accessible.
  • Exercising Your Capability: When we become aware of these patterns we can opt out. It is easiest to opt out when our faculties are most in tact. This is one of the many reasons health is so important- making it easier to take command of our choices. Here, it is also imperative not to trash the knowledge bestowed upon us through the lessons we have seen play out in our own lives, the lives of others and the stories we have heard. This is where we can choose to integrate and change, knowing we are capable and also, proving to ourselves that we are.
  • Up Your Standard: Saying no to what is wrong for you is the same as saying yes to what is right for you- click into yourself and your vision versus denying yourself of your desires. Once clear, choose accordingly- and when you remember to remember, remember- choosing always, not to go dark for too long. In the darkness, your spirit will whither, always able to come back, but our choices have consequences and the key is to build ourselves up versus chip away at our innate wholeness through choice, thus trashing our lives.
  • Start Now: You don’t have to wait to do this work. Start simply by recommitting to being in your body, directing your mind, feeling your feelings without judgment. Instead of thinking about the work, do the work. Instead of talking about change, change.

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