Managing Pain Through Journaling

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This recording of the live webinar version of the AI-PAMI Patient & Caregiver Presentation on “Managing Pain Through Journaling” is presented by Brooke Stuart, AP, DACM, an integrative practitioner.  Originally presented on June 13th, 2022. The Aging and Integrative Pain Assessment and Management Initiative (AI-PAMI) is a comprehensive project addressing non-opioid pain management in adults [...]

How To Face Your Fears, Activate Courage & Build Self-Confidence | UCF Exchange 2022

By |2022-06-04T15:51:35-04:00June 4th, 2022|   How To Face Your Fears, Activate Courage & Build Self-Confidence In this presentation, recorded on June 2, 2022 at the University of Central Florida’s Exchange, Dr. Brooke Stuart speaks to students in the business school on how to face your fears, activate courage, and build self-confidence. In this discussion, Dr. Brooke Stuart [...]

Elle Collective, A Speech About Self-Care

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Elle Collective Elle Collective is a Women's Entrepreneur Program based in Central Florida's Seminole State College, offering networking, education, mentorship, and support to women business owners. Their mission is to support and accelerate women's business ownership and strengthen the impact of women on the economy by creating jobs, fueling economic growth, and building strong communities. [...]