About Dr. Brooke Stuart, Holistic Doctor and Founder of Let Go & Grow®

Are you searching for a holistic doctor near me? Dr. Brooke Stuart is the founder and active president of Let Go & Grow® International and a holistic doctor in private practice, where she specializes in taking a holistic approach to mental health and high performance- assisting her patients in unlocking their own, intrinsic power to heal. Over the past twelve years, Dr. Stuart has worked with thousands of people through her online platform, speaking engagements and one on one in private practice. Holding degrees in medical anthropology, psychology, and integrative medicine, Dr. Stuart uses a unique combination of holistic counseling and functional medicine to personalize and tailor treatments for her patients locally in Orlando, FL and around the world through our simple to use, telemedicine platform. As a physician, she is deeply committed to her patient’s personal growth and development as she uses solution-oriented methods to clear issues, create health, and assist them in realizing and actualizing their true potential.

To read more about Dr. Brooke Stuart’s journey into holistic medicine, professional and functional medicine training, affiliations, and credentials, check here.

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At Let Go & Grow International, our mission is to provide the most direct and approachable way to experience growth in the world- through our own products, services and collaborative efforts, our intention is to curate and highlight the best to assist our community in living the life they are here to live and experiencing the power they are meant to have.

Are you searching for a holistic doctor near me? If you are interested in working together, please take a moment to contact us here or book a free 20 min. holistic consultatation, where we can review what is coming up, explore the options and go from there. Once you have contacted us, we will be in touch with the details, to answer any questions you may have and direct accordingly.

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