On Courage, How To Walk With Yourself

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on courage and how to walk with yourself. Courage- the strength to reach in and dare, to move through difficult experiences, to ask the questions we aren’t sure we want the answers to, to get a second opinion after a devastating diagnosis, to wake up after a heartbreak and walk into work, to acknowledge what’s inside of ourselves, to go after that dream and to see beyond impressed limitation into what only we can know within our heart to be possible. ⁠What a powerful word that we can continue to summon, activate and rely upon, time and time again, through our power of choice.

  • Removing Distortion: Removing distortions allows us to see clearly as we bring items forward into our conscious awareness. This allows for a more stable approach amidst the upset that can sometimes come with growth.
  • Unconditional Love: Unconditional love means without conditions, giving ourselves permission to go there to new and deepened places in conversation to see what was hidden and blocked with open eyes removing inhibition- able to drop into our power and shift items with the light of day that comes with the awareness we have earned and can access in the present moment. 
  • Walking With Yourself: Connection, presence, observation and removing conditions requires a walking with ourselves and a taking care of ourselves- both tenants of building a beautiful relationship with the common denominator of all of our experiences aka the self.
  • You Are Held: Is everything okay, perfect, divine, benevolent? Try on this perspective and the opposite- and see what feels healthier and more in alignment with a growth-oriented curvature. We can learn the easy way or the hard way- both are intense and formative. I choose to see the universe as benevolent because it allows for an experience of support when I need it most and an openness in the presence of my deepest fears and most joyful moments. 
  • Growth Is Formulaic: Yes it takes courage, stemming from a bravery and strength found within your heart, to take a step forward in the direction you are called. However, when you begin to take step after step you begin to see how growth is formulaic. Although it feels magical, it is not. When you choose it, it happens. A part of courage is recognizing that you are strong and you are powerful and that what you say actually goes.

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