Dr. Brooke Stuart’s Gift Guide

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Dr. Brooke Stuart's Gift Guide + Unique Experiences In this gift guide, we share some of our favorite gifts, perfect for every occasion! Giving gifts to your loved ones is a wonderful way to invest in relationships- celebrating love, life and friendships- especially during the holidays. Dr. Brooke’s dad used to say that when you [...]

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On Dark Chocolate: Health Benefits, Recipes, Nutrition & More

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate? The percentages of cocoa in dark chocolate vary greatly and many studies have shown that some dark chocolate (in certain quantities) can have significant benefits for our health. The cocoa in dark chocolate is a natural source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and has potential benefits for your [...]

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On The Toroidal Field

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What Is The Heart's Toroidal Field? The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body and the magnetic fields produced by the heart have been shown to be involved in energetic communication (also referred to as cardioelectromagnetic communication). Research done at HeartMath Institute (HMI) suggests that the heart's electrical field [...]

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