Who, What & Where You Are

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Remembering who, what and where you are are three fundamental principles to the healing process that can simultaneously reset and realign you in an instant. Many of my patients feel lost in the quest for this information until I remind them, just as I was once reminded. So who, what and where are you? Who You [...]

The Healing Power of Optimism

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Optimism is a powerful tool, perspective and approach that allows us to open up to the possibilities, explore life with enthusiasm, and grow through life's challenges with more grace and ease. Contrary to popular belief, it is not equivalent to some flighty quality, like blind positivity or ignorant bliss. It's a strategy and a way to connect, enter into and find meaning within our experiences, rather than avoid, bury or get caught up in them. Personally and professionally, I have found it to be a practical exercise that uplifts and yields increased awareness, strength, resilience and the ability to tap into more high vibe states, like appreciation and love- all accessible through the power of choice, which ripples out and reverberates through your physiology and life experiences.

How To Release Resistance For Resilience

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What you resist persists, and becomes more painful, all to get your attention and set you free! By learning how to release resistance, choose resilience, and go with the flow, life can begin to work for and with you in a new and empowered way. In this article, I will teach your how to shift your perception so that you can acknowledge and embrace life's challenges without getting caught up and weighed down by them. Thus, engaging in the let go and grow process, where challenges can move through and transformation can occur.

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