3:01, Reaching In To Create The Space For Transformation To Unfold

In this episode, we talk about intentionality, time and space and how we can shift gears and sever chords with reality states that don’t serve us by taking decisive action and pouring our focus and energy into forming new, coherent states that can work for rather than against us.

  • Intentionality: Intentionality is cultivated through being deliberate and directing our power of choice accordingly. This also means evaluating our relationship with time and space.
  • Time and Space: Taking the time and making the space to intentionally be with the new allows transformation to unfold, take hold and allows creation to develop. Working with time and space is a practical way to engage change and work with the building blocks provided.
  • The Resistance: Allowing yourself to be with yourself, allows us to drop through the barrier and tangled webs of resistance, utilizing intentionality to allow the new to set in and deepen. This allows us to let go of the noise, unhooking it from our system and reconnect to our power of choice with authentic depth as we access the well of what is there, just waiting for us to see it.
  • Make The Best Choice: If you don’t use it, you lose it. You actually have to use your power of choice to make the best choices for yourself. How often do we go against this wisdom? and why? More on this later, but also more right here.
  • Taking 3, Takes Faith: Taking 3 minutes for yourself, to acknowledge all that you are, to place yourself first and prioritize, in this way, takes faith. However, each time you choose to reconnect in this way, you form new pathways making it easier each time. Soon enough, you will begin to see what doesn’t work as a series of dead ends that you can just say no to before the experience comes into form. Here, you can intentionally take the time and space to choose choices that align with the new, creating the ecosystem for it to emerge and develop. As you put your power of choice to good use, it will strengthen and the bridge to the other side, predicated on connection-presence and the utilization of your power, will feel like a type of daylight easily recognized as home- shining bright and accessible at all moments if we decide, with intentionality and the wherewithal to bypass resistance, to continue through the night led by the stars, which help us to remember more each time we forget.

More Notes: In this day and age, if you don’t acknowledge yourself and intentionally place yourself first, you will lose yourself. The image of self, the ego, a primitive survival mechanism, is unfulfilling, gluttonous, righteous, violent and greedy, placing importance in the dense matter of the world that leaves us devoid of power, empty in spirit and in a perpetual alarmist- like insecure state, disconnected and divided from ourself and others. This will never lead to true fulfillment or be enough to secure and provide an authentic sense of peace and safety- as it is continuously ravenous, craving and thirsting for what can not and will not quench. The ego can be seen as a cloud, which varies in formation based on a variety of factors, that tries to hide what can never be hidden, the sun- it can’t but it certainly tries. Where we place our attention, focus and overall energy is the determinant on when the clouds pass, how they accumulate, etc.

How can we opt out? Worldly ways are based on delusion and an inverted sense reality- distortion at its finest. Beyond this illusion, lies your self, your true self and authentic nature- which we can access through getting real in our words and actions. This thread of authenticity brings clarity, and this truth brings change. This is how the truth can begin to set us free as an individual and collective.

Here, it becomes easier to go within each time, as we reach in, allowing our intuition to come forth and be our guide. Here, we can place what does not work down through simply getting real. This creates space. In this space, we can put time into our own healing and focus on what we truly desire (which is more than a need or want)- and often what we desire is an initial foundation based on truth that naturally, becomes a springboard for more.

To begin, make sure to check out the heart based practice, our signature 3 min. meditation right here.

Side Note: If you listen to any person who speaks of what they are most proud of, anyone who has created anything noteworthy, worth talking about- great, bright, brilliant and impactful, even if it’s as simple as a smile which reverberates- they always refer to intuition- yet we still don’t trust ourselves, the light that naturally lies within, and our inner compass- even though we have all of the knowledge to. How can we put this into practice? application. It takes the wherewithal to move through resistance, to practice, engage the change and apply our knowledge for it to turn into our experience. It’s time to practice what we teach and what we know to be true and move forward from this place of deepened authenticity. This takes an opening of the heart to hear and strengthening of the spine to act (decisive action- where we cut off one reality for another). Know better, do better- go all in on what you know in your heart to be true and let it serve you as you begin to experience yourself as the creator you are, making decisions from that place, within, leaving the illusion behind knowing that you do not have to try, when you are.

Not sure where to begin? start here.

For behind the scenes: Today, I also did something unique in that I recorded a behind the scenes of the energy and compilation of experiences that brought this video and series of notes to life. Feel free to check it out right here, where I read the first draft and share my experiences with these concepts. This work is like art to me, in the way it’s a continual conversation that wildly develops with the collection of contributions as we simply put one foot in front of the other and move along. Feel free to add your experiences and thoughts and to take part in the convo over on IG!

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