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Let Go & Grow Team Work, cultivating growth oriented culture and healthy ecosystems

Our Let Go & Grow Team Work division is dedicated to helping organizations unlock their full potential through a holistic approach to team and leadership development. We are committed to equipping your teams and leadership with the essential tools needed to maximize performance, manage stress effectively, and create a thriving ecosystem that fosters growth, both on a personal and professional level. By achieving this, we enable positive outcomes such as heightened awareness, resourceful energy, improved communication, deeper mutual appreciation, increased optimism, sustained momentum, and a renewed sense of enjoyment throughout your organizational journey.

Through our work, we have found that health is a crucial part of growth and development and that growth is a crucial part of health. We have also found, through surveying thousands of individuals, that there is a deep desire for both.

You are a gift to your team, and they are a gift to you! 

When a CEO and/ or team leadership decides to take a step like this, to honor the whole person through this type of personal and professional support, the whole team benefits. We have found that team members working for organizations that care, and take the steps to implement practices that show it, have a deep appreciation and often, continuously renewed reverence for the organization and its efforts. As a result, productivity and innovation flourish, creating a positive cycle where both the individual and organization thrive symbiotically!

Pre-Work Before Team Work

  • Foundational Assessment: Before we dive into working together as a team, we meet with you (CEO/ leadership) and survey the team to gain a comprehensive understanding of where you are now, where you would like to go and how we can get there together. After understanding your unique vision and values, we will send over next steps in the form of a clear and defined game plan in order to cultivate an ecosystem that can bring them to life!
  • Foundations Workshop: Since we take partnering in this way seriously, we offer the teams and organizations we work with an initial session where we dive into the fundamentals of health and growth and customize it based on the foundational assessment so you can experience a taste of our expertise, approach and impact.

Team Work In Action

  • Ongoing Partnership: We believe that real growth is an ongoing process, and our commitment to your organization’s success extends through every season. Here, we check in with you (CEO/ leadership) and the team each month to tailor the curriculum and structure each monthly session accordingly.
  • Supportive Resources: Upon enrollment, the team will receive immediate access to Growth Box and the other relevant Let Go & Grow materials designed to support your team personally and professionally. After each session, we will send over a follow up email with exactly what to focus on. Here, we will recap the session and recommend unique resources and techniques to facilitate the topics discussed.

Let Go & Grow is here to partner with your organization, break down barriers, and usher in a new era of optimized teamwork, resilience, and growth. We are here to provide members with new material to foster a linguistically growth-oriented culture, enabling them to share meaningful conversations about growth and equipping them with materials to collectively work on their development as a team. Join us on this transformative journey to unlock the full potential of your teams, cultivate a growth-oriented structure, and build a stronger, more prosperous future!


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Below you may find statements of support and feedback from members who have attended Dr. Brooke Stuart’s past presentations and organization workshops. If you would like more information on setting up a game plan built specifically for your organization, please feel free to reach out using our contact form or email us directly:

We look forward to connecting with you!

Statements of Support

Judi Awsumb

President Awsumb Enterprises, Inc.
Founder of
WE-Women Entrepreneurs

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Brooke Stuart to teams and organizations. I’ve known Brooke for three years and find her to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable in her field.

I first met Brooke at an Athena Powerlink business meeting and have since brought her in as a guest speaker for my WE-Women Entrepreneurs, powered by CEO Nexus roundtable group. This group of accomplished Central Florida women business owners are running businesses that generate over $1 million in annual revenues. The mission of WE is to accelerate growth and leadership in a confidential, supportive, professionally facilitated environment where other female CEO’s can learn from each other for mutual benefit. We meet at Rollins College once a month and focus on growth strategies, operations, leadership and succession planning.

Brooke was our guest speaker at our November, 2019 meeting and her topic was “How to Detoxify the Stress Response and Make It Work for you”. During the presentation, Brooke connected well with our audience with valuable research, practical tools for dealing and responding to stressful situations. Her deep experience on the subject matter earned the respect of my group. Several members asked that she come to speak to their employees at their next meeting.

During the planning process, Brooke was very professional with excellent follow up skills. She has a positive attitude, is very knowledgeable, and makes a significant impact on many people in various roles.

I highly recommend Brooke and feel her work would be an asset to any team and organization interested in growth.

Judi Awsumb, President Awsumb Enterprises, Inc. Founder WE-Women Entrepreneurs

It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Dr. Brooke Stuart to any team and organization. In my role at the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Business, I have worked with Brooke on several different professional and educational programs. I first met Brooke over three years ago, as a part of ATHENA NextGen, an eight-month thought leadership series that supports, develops and honors women leaders in the community. Since then, I have invited Brooke to speak to UCF students in The EXCHANGE on a variety of topics focused on health and wellness.

Over the past three years, Brooke has been a resource for our students, including facilitating meetings for ATHENA Women Empowered (WE), a student organization, and providing student internships in her practice. Brooke understands the importance of creating an engaging learning environment and her deep knowledge of clinical science and health management has been very well received within our college. She is a dedicated, hardworking, and enthusiastic healthcare professional and understands what it takes to create a successful learning environment. Brooke has extensive knowledge in her field and can succinctly cover a wide range of topics. As a natural motivator and collaborator, I think she would be an incredible gift to your team, from leadership to developing individuals.

I can confidently recommend Brooke Stuart to any team and organization looking to hit a certain criteria, create health and grow.

Jennifer Johnson, Virtual Learning Manager for Florida Institute of Public Accountants (FICPA)

Jennifer Johnson

Virtual Learning Manager
Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA)

Jessica Steward

Head Women’s Golf Coach at Georgia State University

I have worked within the higher education system, NCAA Division I teams and professional organizations for over twelve years and can say with confidence that the leaders who most successfully educate and inspire are all knowledgeable, passionate, and selfless. Because these qualities perfectly describe Dr. Brooke Stuart, it is my great pleasure to personally recommend her to teams and organizations.

I met Brooke at the University of Miami where we spent time together closely as teammates within the women’s golf program. I remember identifying Brooke as hardworking, reliable, and insightful. Her bright personality and trustworthiness made her a welcomed addition to the team.

I now work as the Head Women’s Golf Coach at Georgia State University and invited Dr. Brooke to work closely with our players this year. I have enjoyed following her career from the viewpoints of both a friend and also as a professional. Brooke’s “Let Go & Grow” program seemed like a perfect fit for our athletes because she brings a holistic approach to performance that incorporates elements from both on the golf course and off.

Brooke brought our team through an incredible 5 step process that began by listening to our goals and concerns and surveying the players. Brooke then sent out supportive information and created a personalized in-person workshop where she provided our golfers with the tools to implement her recommendations. Brooke checked in with us often and was genuinely invested in our reception of the materials and excited about her ability to help develop these young women through all facets of their lives.

Because Brooke and I have a dynamic relationship as both friends, teammates, and professionals, I can speak to all aspects of her personality and qualifications and feel confident in recommending her as an educator and a contribution to leadership and team. As I’ve had the privilege to be a part of first hand, I can continue to picture Brooke hosting engaging discussions and contagiously circulating her enthusiasm for the subject matter, while going above and beyond to continue to provide the tools necessary to help your team be successful. Brooke is the perfect fit for any growth oriented team and environment and cannot recommend her highly enough!

Jessica Steward, Head Women’s Golf Coach at Georgia State University

I met Dr. Brooke Stuart through our UF Health – Jacksonville Aging and Integrative Pain Assessment and Management Initiative (AI-PAMI). AI-PAMI provides alternative pain management education for Northeast Florida older adults who manage their chronic pain and caregivers who assist for adults suffering from chronic pain. Dr. Stuart partnered with AI-PAMI in October of 2020. Over the past 3 years, she has provided our NE Florida community with a wealth of education, affordable resources, and tools. This includes webinars on how to shift your stress response through mindset, diet, and physical activity. She also shared her expertise on how acupressure and acupuncture can help manage pain, expanded on the benefits of meditation, and most recently she dived into the benefits of good sleep and how to obtain a healthy night’s sleep.

In 2022, I transitioned into the program manager role. During this transition, the previous AI-PAMI program manager spoke highly of Dr. Stuart, and suggested that when planning future alternative medicine content, I should reach out to Dr. Stuart. In 2023, I was able to work with Dr. Stuart and her team firsthand. We worked together to plan and create a sleep webinar. During the planning process Dr. Stuart and Eileen’s passion for helping others shined through. They were both kind, eager to collaborate, share their expertise, maintained clear communication, all while delivering and presenting a fantastic presentation.

Not only have I enjoyed working with Dr. Stuart, but our NE FL community members have appreciated her as well. At the most recent webinar, a community member shared: “This was the BEST WEBINAR ever on insomnia (and I’ve listened to so many). She covered everything aspects thoroughly in a short period of time. I was truly impressed and will be trying some of her recommendations.”

I highly recommend Dr. Stuart to any team or organization that is interested in providing education on overall health and alternative medicine.

Taylor Munson, Project Manager for AI-PAMI and Clinical Research Coordinator III at the University of Florida College of Medicine

Taylor Munson

Project Manager for AI-PAMI and Clinical Research Coordinator III at the University of Florida College of Medicine