On Finding Stability Within Yourself

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on finding stability within yourself and how to simply, joyfully and gratefully come home to yourself through owning your power of choice. While we may not be able to consciously choose the experiences that happen within the context of our lives, we do get to choose how we respond and what they mean to us. By owning ourselves, in this way, and anchoring through the fundamentals, we can stabilize our systems in the midst of the ever changing. Here, we can experience and build an ecosystem of safety that allows us to lean into life and all that it has to offer, increasingly unafraid, as we learn how to access and tap into all that lies within.

  • Opting Out of the Highs and Lows: Life is filled with fluctuations, the good-the bad-the ugly, the highs and the lows- which is why it is so important to observe, versus judge, to keep from getting caught up in them. We all know what it feels like, whether high or low, to get caught (that going… going… going… gone sort of feeling).
  • Who, What, Where: So where can you place your focus instead? Within. And onto who, what and where you truly are.
  • Stability Comes From Within: From this space you can utilize who (creator) and what (capable, important, unique, etc.) you are through the present moment, where you can smooth out and work through the highs and lows, as you navigate, and choose your response with intentionality.
  • Working Through Reactivity: When we are triggered (whether happy-excited or anxious-fearful) we often have a propensity to lose ourselves. If we become aware of how these cycles work, we can opt out, reach in and choose our response which can assist us in working through any life experience that comes our way.
  • Anchor & Lean In: As we learn how to work with the process, we can continually ground ourselves through the fundamentals (healthy mindset, diet and lifestyle basics) that we can rely on. In this, through simple, self care practices we begin to learn that we can rely on ourselves. With this reliance comes trust and self-confidence which can be built and deepened over time. This creates an ecosystem of safety and security, that cannot be taken away, and that stabilizes the systems through life’s many transitions. This is how health and growth often work together, in a figure eight – spiral up curvature!

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