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(W)holistic Medicine: Well-being for your WHOLE being! | It’s Just Yoga Magazine

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This article, where Dr. Brooke Stuart was interviewed by the IJY Staff, was featured in the Spring 2019 Issue of It's Just Yoga Magazine. Here, they discuss what holistic medicine means and how it may be of interest to you. For the official copy, click here and you will find it on p. 16 & 17 [...]

On Genetics, Epigenetics & Owning Your Power to Heal

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Within my practice and the Let Go & Grow program, I have the unique privilege to work with people who believe that change, and more importantly, growth, is not only possible but vital. They may have been in search mode for some time, but a belief in the more, a better experience drives them to search for solutions, [...]

What is Functional Medicine?

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If you had a wilting, withering plant left alone, inside with dim light, re-circulated air, and depleted soil—how would you bring it back to life? Most likely, you would know exactly what to do. You would give it plenty of attention, fresh air, clean water, direct sunlight, nutrient-rich soil, and maybe even some love! Instinctively, you would recognize that the plant’s bleak environment was anything but healthy, let alone life-giving, and totally unconducive to growth. In medicine, we name this concept “evolutionary mismatch.” This mismatch caused the plant to inevitably lose its luster, compromise and enter into a state of survival. Predictable right?

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