You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on the concept of you can run, but you can’t hide- because wherever you go, there you are. The more you deepen into an honoring of yourself and knowing that the truth that lies within, the more your energy can work for and with you as you continue to the conversation with the process, based on growth orientation that can heal. We have the power to observe disempowering beliefs that we have held deep down and challenge them, reframe them, through the lens of perception. By changing your belief system about yourself, you can begin to gain confidence and momentum.

  • You Cannot Escape What Is: So why try? Your issues will follow you where ever you go- and when-if you choose to turn on the light through your commitment to being in the present moment embodied, you will soon realize how capable you are of working through each and every experience you encounter, becoming unafraid one moment at a time.
  • Only You Can Set Yourself Free: There are no shortcuts to building a relationship with yourself, your system [body, mind, heart, life] and your reality. You must set out through intention to do so and then, commit whole-heartedly with each and every cell of your being. Checking in and out and continuously wavering will keep you in a limbo like state until you break it and return home into and through the present moment.
  • I Don’t Like Pseudo Peace: Sometimes we feel that if we don’t say or acknowledge an experience- it’s not there- or if we pretend things are perfect, they are- but fortunately or unfortunately that is not how it works. When we acknowledge an experience, through calling it out of the shadows and naming it, we can consciously bring it into the light where we can finally see it clearly, get real and begin to rework our choices, anchored in truth- guided by our inner compass, and heal.
  • Removing The Need, Want and Desire To Bypass: If you try to shortcut the process, you will just have to go back to the parts you missed. There is absolutely no way to skate through your experiences without having to circle back around. In this, there is no way to save time – only to waste it. This may seem disheartening but it can be liberating to know that the only way out is actually through a listening to your inner compass, available within, and acting on it by taking the steps into what is meant for you now.
  • Three Disruptive Questions: When you are unclear as to which way to go, you can always turn towards and ask yourself these three questions, with both hands placed over your heart, that can part the red sea- my heart what is it that you desire for me to see? if I was acting on deep faith what would I do? If I was acting on my own principles of truth what choice would I choose? You may find these answers to be disruptive in the best possible way!

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