In this episode, we talk about practical magic and how perception is medicine, able to shift the stress response in one simple moment through the power of choice powered by you.

  • Perception is the medicine: When we shift our perception, we can change our physiology- liberating our power to send a new signal to the system and heal. In my practice, I view perception as beyond thoughts and feelings, as it is the lens in which we can bring to and explore all of the parts that make up our experiences, immediately shifting our reality through a turning of the dial, unlocking new states in real time.
  • Opening up to new possibilities: When we open up to new possibilities, we align with the truth, freeing up our system, making it easier to listen deeply and hear new solutions. This shift frees, because trying to restrict and constrain an unrestricted being (you, me, etc.) does not work- suppressing ideas and blocking ourselves off from what is asking to enter creates a stagnation, which unfortunately does not stay the same, it increasingly worsens.
  • Threat: When any part of our system (mind. body. heart. life) feels threatened, it enters into a sympathetic, fight-fight-freeze-appease-etc., mode- often times for good reason. However, in order to shift gears and opt out and into a calm and connected state once again, we can use our power of perception to engage the change through connecting to ourselves through the moment and going from there.
  • 3 quick wins: How can we practically begin to implement perception? Shifting from division to connection, judgment to observation and seeing life as happening to versus possibly for you, can immediately shift your system. All of the above allows us to engage the let go & grow process, making it easier to tap in and truly learn, ushering in intentional growth.
  • Complete command over choice: Our life, including our physiological experience and capacity to heal, is powered by choice which is powered by you. Now, when our experience gets noisy, we must take a look at what isn’t working- just as when our experience is working, we must take intentional moments to understand why, to truly understand why it is actually working. If we can sort through what is and isn’t working with understanding, it will become easier to choose with depth and confidence and as we travel into new moments, creating new experiences, we can give unto ourselves more power and authority through understanding perception and continuously opening up to a lens that heals. A quick way to note the difference is to ask the question… are you expanding or contracting? If you are contracting, shift the dial until you access a state of expansion. From here, choice becomes clear and align action natural.

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