Nothing Relaxes Your System More Than Removing What Isn’t Meant To Be In It

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how nothing relaxes your system more than removing what isn’t meant to be in it. We can note what works and what does not and step up and into the choices that grow us while stabilizing the system through sent signals of safety.

  • Evolutionary Mismatch: When something does not align with who, what and where you are, your body – mind – heart – and life, your system will feel it. By removing that which is not a fit, which is not meant to be, your system can exhale and relax in profound and beautiful ways.
  • Margin Of Error: We can minimize our personal margin of error by simply removing that which is not a fit. In this, we can strategically lessen the difference between our highs and lows as we spiral up.
  • What Can You Remove?: What can you remove and what do you want to remove? It’s important to process this. Think people, places, things, situations, substances, medications, internal and external conversations, etc.
  • Collective Benefit: If something or something is not benefitting your life collectively, making you better, it’s important to take the time and space to thoroughly evaluate and assess. If you are interested in a place to start here, make sure to check out the unpacking worksheet in the Reminders Workbook.
  • Stepping Up: One step at a time, there is a time and a place to let go to make it easier to activate courage and step forward with freedom.

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