On Sending A Signal Of Safety, Who Are You With 24/7?

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on sending a signal of safety and finding balance within you, yourself- the person you are with 24/7. Cultivating a deep sense of self-acceptance and well-being from within can ultimately provide us with the strength and centeredness to walk the path that is right for us on our journey. When we focus on ourselves, inevitably the external aspects of our lives can also start to change for the better.

  • Self-Awareness: What is right for you is unique to you.
  • Safety: “I am safe with me.” – in this message to self, we can begin to train, guide, teach and parent the self within the human experiencing providing the type of communication, beyond words, that signals trust and deep faith and sets the stage for development and growth, with intentionality, to take place.
  • Reaching Beyond The Ups And Downs: Beyond the ups and downs, you can find yourself, as you reach into your own heart and allow the truth to set you free. Here and only here, you can find the stability that cannot and will not be provided through the highs and lows of the external world. The choice is always yours. Why leave it up to chance.
  • Space + Grace: When you give yourself the space to process and the grace to learn and to grow, you can begin to experience compassion for yourself- knowing that your intentions are pure. Here, you can begin to experience your experiences with freedom, healing the parts that have felt broken for so long.
  • Experiencing Our Experiences: Objectively, our experiences are what they are and then, what we make them. Embracing them with a neutrality, allows us to shift the dial of our perception to plug in that much more- messaging that they are safe because they are okay-meant to be- and potentially, even perfect- regardless of the mind’s interpretation, based on associations, enculturation, distortion and story lines.

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