This Pattern Will Make Or Break Your Healing Journey

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on the pattern that will make or break your healing journey. It is so important to take full and complete ownership of your healing journey. Here, you can begin to consider your criteria for change bringing each piece of the process into the light of day with compassion and observation vs. judgment. For the acne journey video mentioned, check here.

  • The Pattern: The pattern is a fixation on the outcome and one result versus the whole of the journey. In this, we skate through the process, missing out on all of the joy, fulfillment and gifts that can come from looking at these challenges for growth and development. If you become aware of this pattern, you can choose to opt into a new way of working with the challenges that life brings your way- instead of skipping the process subconsciously and unconsciously from lack of awareness. We can enjoy the journey knowing that the solution is done by choosing to walk forward- as many results are foreseen and unseen along the way. 
  • Resistance: What we resist persists and becomes more painful, all to get your attention and set you free. We often get in our own way when we resist the challenges in our lives. We forget that when we resist life’s challenges, we resist a part of ourselves and in our resistance, we create friction. We stop the flow of life and become stagnant- and stagnation disrupts the flow and function of energy within our bodies and our lives.
  • Removing the Choices That Compete Against You: I recommend this. I highly recommend this. Remove the choices that compete against you once you become aware of them. Doing this will make your life easier- your life gets easier when you do it versus say it. Walking this path will not only restore your self confidence but it will also allow you to experience it in an overdeveloping and continually deepening way. 
  • An Iceberg: Walls fall off from the inside and the outside. If you visualize an iceberg, you can see how blocks may fall off from internal circumstances, but also chip away from external circumstances. Sometimes issues and disease fall off in blocks and chunks into the water, but other times it is just a slight little chisel. It may seem like nothing, but it is something because it is all part of the whole. 
  • We Create Our Own Reality: We all create our own realities and we also co-create them. How we choose to perceive our experiences determines what we experience. When we choose to fixate on a result, we miss out on all of the lessons and all of the experiences that can be found within the healing journey. If you are open to the concept, you can begin to shift your resistance into resilience over time and in the here and now.

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