Problem-Solving And The Courage It Takes To Open Up

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on problem-solving and the courage it takes to open up. Problems are solutions in the making, and it’s crucial to ask whether you have problems or if problems have you. We often avoid, bury, or fixate on our issues, but by exercising our power of choice, we can transform these reflexes.

  • Problem-Solving: Problems are solutions in the making.
  • Who Has Who?: Do you have problems or do problems have you?
  • Where We Get In Trouble: We all have our ways of avoiding, burying and fixating upon problems. In my practice, I refer to this as a reflex that we can begin to utilize our power of choice to move through and change.
  • Courage: You don’t need to trust them if you trust you. It is my firm belief that yes we may naturally trust certain people over others but trust must be earned. This includes with our own self. We each have a different criteria of what this looks like. In my life, trust is earned by taking complete ownership, the willingness to learn and grow and the commitment to bringing yourself and your true nature to the table even if it is hard for others to digest.
  • Finding Your People: It is worth finding your people. It is worth sharing your problems. When you connect with yourself and commit to living authentically all problems will unfold into the gifts they truly are.

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