Identifying Your Core Protocols As You Enter A Preferred Baseline

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on identifying your core protocols as you enter a preferred baseline. Understanding and establishing a baseline serves as a foundation upon which we build confidence as we navigate the fluctuations of life.

  • What is your baseline?: Gaining traction and developing the ability to sustain high performance has much to do with building out, getting to know, and having confidence in your baseline.
  • Self Study: When we engage in this type of self study, we can take into account how we are different and look towards ourselves and life experiences as a form of guidance.
  • Therapeutic Trials: When we try a new tool or supplement, it’s important to observe and note our experience of it without changing other factors in our lives.
  • Opting Out Of Pharmacology: At times, it can be easy to get lost in trials. When this happens, step out of the highs and lows and return to your baseline. If you don’t have a baseline, check here.
  • Who, What & Where We Are: As we engage this continual self study, I find it incredibly useful, like an anchor, to come back to a definition of who, what and where we are beyond the ever changing highs and lows. I provide a working model for my patients- but I encourage each and every one of them to go within to find exactly what works for them.

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