On Diagnostic Labels, Your Criteria And The Continuing Conversation

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on diagnostic labels, your criteria and the continuing conversation. Beyond the ups and downs and diagnostic labels, you can find yourself as you reach into your own heart and find the stability that cannot and will not be provided through the highs and lows of the external world- the choice is always yours. We can reorient and shift our perspective to change our experience and come into a posture that works for rather than against us.

  • Diagnostic Labels: Often we use diagnostic labels to stop the conversation instead of making space for acceptance, meaning accepting what is right now, to go deeper within the self and the process of life. There is certainly a delicate balance here- and it is okay to want to stop, take a breath and focus on other things.
  • Idle: As we place our attention onto new items we may hope certain experiences stay in idle, but this is just an illusion. This may frustrate and upset the mind because it cannot be controlled- however these feelings can shift if we acknowledge and embrace the truth which is that everything is always changing with the potential exception of who, what and where we are– this, from my perspective remains and is continuously uncovered but even in that the experience of ourselves and the way we express continues to change as we come into deepened states of authenticity and truth.
  • Embracing New Challenges: Sometimes we recirculate the same problems because we are afraid of new ones. Once we become aware of this, it’s much easier to opt out and move on.
  • Ownership: It is so important to take full and complete ownership of your healing journey. Here, you can begin to consider your criteria for change bringing each piece of the process into the light of day with compassion and observation vs. judgment.
  • Layer and Depth Never End: When we realize that the journey and the destination are one in the same, we can begin to relax into it as we learn to enjoy it. Here, we have the unique opportunity to see it as a perfect process where we will connect to many roots and many solutions along the way.

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