Problems Are Solutions In The Making

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how problems are solutions in the making. By owning our leadership ability through the power of choice and in listening to what is coming up in our lives, within ourselves- we can make informed decisions that map our vision of what we truly want. This takes an openness to come as you are, to own who you could be and a complete commitment to your truth and the exploration of it.

  • Pain As A Conduit For Change: Pain captures our undivided attention to assist us in releasing dysfunction and re-aligning with what can work for and with us. 
  • Removing The Shortcuts: You don’t have to shortcut what can assist you in turning towards yourself and remembering your ability to work through the pain and change accordingly. When we realize the only way out is through, we begin, with a possibly reluctant yet deep exhalation, to make the choices we can take pride in- paving the way to take pride in ourselves. 
  • Reframe & Refocus: We can where we place our attention, focus and concentration, thus directly connecting with creation as we reframe every life experience that feels out of alignment. Here we can begin to see pain as a perfect part of the process- and as a direct opportunity for growth and development. 
  • Placing Possibilities On The Map: When working with suicidal ideation, I find that it is imperative to challenge deep fixation and crack open that which does not work by placing new possibilities into the ecosystem. When we see death as the only way out, we narrow our field of vision until the truth sets us free. Truth comes in many forms- but here, I introduce the possibility that there is no way out and that it is possible to want to want to live- This, if given the intention and commitment, can take hold through time and space, until they experience the light that comes with a reconnecting to their own genuine desire to live. Here, my patients learn that choosing to affirm life before it affirms you by choosing to connect when it’s easier to disconnect and be present when they would rather check out- works well and beautifully- as they begin to create a world that they actually want to show up for building self-confidence and self-trust through faith and fulfillment.  
  • Recognition: Albert Einstein once said, “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” We know the truth because once heard, it cannot be unheard, because once seen, it cannot be unseen, and when felt, cannot be unfelt- continuously giving us the opportunity to march to the beat of our own drum and life a life that is in in alignment with who, what and where we truly are. 

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