On Taylor Swift And What It Means To Take Up Space In This World

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on Taylor Swift and what it means to take up space in this world. Through healing yourself and going to places within with courage, you can begin to set yourself free- starting with how you treat yourself, others, and your life experiences.

  • Asleep At The Wheel: Often, we are asleep at the wheel until an experience wakes us up, opens our mind and touches our heart. The arts are a perfect example of this for many people. Once awake, we have the opportunity to make conscious choices to broaden our awareness and let the light that lies dormant through and into the world through presence and the making of choices that represent the authentic self.
  • Taking Up Space: You take up space simply by existing. So often, we disconnect and hide from our life experiences and inherent power of choice. In this, we mock ourselves until we don’t. Choosing to take up space and embody each moment with who, what and where you truly are is the greatest gift you could ever give to this world. Remembering this when we remember is key to coming home, time and time again.
  • Presence, Purpose And Meaning: Through being, you begin to recognize the wake of the choices you make in the present moment. In this, there is a purpose and meaning. In this, we can begin to connect the dots and understand what creates contraction and expansion in the system which allows purpose and meaning to deepen and become ever more available.
  • You Matter, I Matter, We Matter: What does it mean to take up space, embodied? Well.. a matter of fact, we already do. You are here, now for a reason, and you are not alone. If you begin to open up to the belief that your life could matter because you matter- every moment takes on a new meaning and each step a new purpose.
  • Conscious Choices: Here, it becomes our choice to consciously choose to take up space and show up as our authentic self. When we choose to awaken to who, what and where we truly are, we have the opportunity to create a new experience for ourselves, our lives and the people in it.

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