When You Remember To Remember, Remember- Don’t Go Dark For Too Long

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on actually remembering when you remember to remember, and not going dark for too long. You are the source of the light, and the light can dispel darkness through your conscious awareness and the simple notation of what is. Turn the light on, and remember that you are the only one who can turn it on, through your power of choice. Engage the Let Go & Grow® process, kicked off through observation of what is and what is not.

  • When You Remember To Remember, Remember: The truth can set us free any time, any where- when and if we choose to acknowledge it. This act of courage, of the heart, has the ability to part the red sea allowing for new paths to emerge.
  • Be With vs. In It.: When you choose to be with an experience versus in it, you can remain connected without being caught up. Being with it, requires presence and observation. The key is to find your balance so that you can connect with your power and authority versus getting carried away and caught up.
  • When You See The Way Out: Take. It. and if you don’t simply notice the difference between light and dark, expansion and contraction, when you feel best and when you don’t. When you see the way out take it, and if you can muster the courage, create it- through pairing any choice, of the light, with your intention to move through the dark and beyond it.
  • All Choices Have Consequences: Correct, they do- and, often, moving through the dark requires us to pay attention to recovery time and how we truly feel with the choices we make and the people, places, things and situations we have in our lives.
  • Only You Can Turn On The Light: You are the creator of your reality because you have the power to choose choices- and only you can be the one to turn on the light. You don’t have to seek the light, when you are the source of it- so when you remember to remember, actually remembering is the key.

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