On Consistency

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on consistency. The presence of obstacles, often stemming from familiar challenges, can impede consistency and hinder progress towards genuine transformation. By removing such hindrances, we can create guardrails for growth, liberating resources for constructive use.

  • Consistency: There is a density and an orderliness in consistency as we lean towards and forwards into what genuinely works for your life experiences.
  • Factors to Consider: Time, space, available energy, preferences and the resources available are all factors to consider when choosing what could work in the context of your life! Something can be good without being good for you.
  • Blockages To Consistency: We often rely on our darling problems to keep us off track and away from the traction that can lead us into the unknown and into the embodiment of true change.
  • Guardrails For Growth: Removing experiences that hold you back can free up time, space, energy and resources for you to use. For example, when I don’t eat gluten and dairy, I have more energy.
  • Building Your Confidence: Healthy habits can be seen as tokens in the confidence bank. When we make the choices, we invest in ourselves, and this pays dividends.

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