How To Shift Your State In The Blink Of An Eye

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how to shift your state in the blink of an eye. The way out is through, and it starts right here, right now, within you, as you begin to remember all that you are, all that you have and all that you can do.

  • Your Experience In This Now Moment Matters: As I was walking over to my computer to type out these bullet points, the windows in my office were closed. I thought to myself, I’m just going to have to close them again when I leave anyways, might as well leave them shut. However, a little voice inside of me said, “This now moment matters. Your now moment matters.” and with that, I proceeded to open them allowing the beautiful sunlight to flood the room.
  • Uncompromising Ourselves: We don’t have to live in a compromised state! We can own our power of choice to shift, pivot, expand and grow through our experiences.
  • How Can We Shift Our State?: Challenging experiences are the perfect material to work with. When you are feeling like you want to check out, check in. Shift your state by working with perception, linguistics and physiology.
  • Simple Practice That Work: Resonant breathing- 5 breaths in and 5 breaths out, the heart based practice, clapping, tapping, going outside, being kind to yourself.
  • Signaling Safety: Who are you with 24/7? Is she kind? Pay attention to how you speak to yourself and others and the choices you make each day. Do they embody health and wellness or do they have a destructive edge? One step at a time, even asking these questions can help to signal safety.

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