Short Story, Long Book, Wrapping Up The Old To Open Up The New

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on wrapping up the old to open up the new. You can engage change directly when you set an intention and choose the best companion commitment available to you in the present moment. Check here for the LOTUSWEI Full Bloom Flower Essence that was mentioned in the video!

  • Wrapping Up: There are many ways we can wrap up the year and tie it with a bow. You can print out an array of pictures to embody the beautiful memories or reflect on the lessons and the challenges you moved through! Making the time and space to process, understand, learn and grow will help you to release the hold and receive the gemstones 2023 brought to thee.
  • Short Story, Long Book: If you aren’t proud of the year you lived- take a moment to connect and become present for it. Here, you can observe versus judge so you can understand what did and didn’t work and why and how you can shift your choices moving forward.
  • Intention & Commitment: Pairing an intention with a commitment is a power move. Do this, and watch it come to life.
  • Choose A Word: If you don’t know where to begin- you can set a powerful intention by choosing a word and noticing what visions come into your awareness. For example, if your word is bloom- you may see wild flowers and big blue sky with the sun shining on the green grass. It can also be helpful to look up the definition and the associated synonyms to experience more of it.
  • Open Up: Once you choose an intention and a companion commitment, you can open up, trust the process and let your life give to you in wild and unexpected ways! It’s all about the journey! :D

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