On Allostatic Load, And Understanding The Stress Response On A Biological Level

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on allostatic load, and understanding the stress response on a biological level. Understanding our systems allows us to align with our inner compass, fostering both health and growth. Whether it’s through diet, mindset, lifestyle changes, supplements, or the heart based practice, each step towards self-awareness brings us closer to true well-being.

  • Allostatic Load: Allostatic load refers to the cumulative wear and tear on the system, the overall body burden through chronic stress and life events. It can be measured through cardiovascular, metabolic, immune and neuroendocrine biomarkers like cortisol and HRV.
  • Biomarkers: This NIH article defines a biomarker, short for biological marker, as an objective measure that captures what is happening in a cell or an organism at a given moment. Biomarkers can be found in blood, tissues, stool, urine, breath, or other forms of biofeedback. They can also be used to diagnose, prognose, monitor, predict, measure susceptibility, risk or response to treatment.
  • The Untold Story: The untold story can always be told within the body. Biomarkers can help us to see this. There is a book called The Body Keeps The Score and this title is so appropriate when we look underneath the surface to identify the root cause and heal.
  • Stress: Our systems can only take so much distress before it overflows into an unhealthy exhibition. Here, we can get in touch with where we are, through connection and presence, so we can let go and grow accordingly.
  • Know Thyself: We must know thyself to heal thyself. When we get to know how our systems operate, we can make the necessary changes that align with our inner compass and thus, health and growth. Here, you can start with diet or mindset, a lifestyle change or a supplement, or my favorite, the heart based practice! It’s up to you, as all steps in the right direction will bring you home to you.

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