Leaders Lead, Becoming The Eye Of The Storm

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on becoming the eye of the storm. As you begin, you can release resistance by simply focusing on what is and what you would like to begin with first. When you break down your goals for what you would like to work on into tiny steps, they become far more approachable, direct and less intimidating. Here, consistency is key and the continual reflection on what does and doesn’t work and ultimately why so you can continue to bring these lessons forward as you move along and continue to take charge.

  • Truth Comes In Many Forms: You can’t unhear what you hear- so when you identify the truth, let it in, let it change you.
  • Leaders, Lead: As the leader of your life, your mind, body, heart and life will look to you when symptoms arise or feelings fluctuate to see how you respond.
  • Calm > Chaos: Like the eye of the storm, you can choose to reconnect to your center and remain calm and focused by standing in your power and authority within the present moment, where you have access to yourself and the growth you have attained. Even if it’s easy to drift into the chaos we can always choose to step right back into our place of power and move forward.
  • Hear The Voices: At the table of your life, you can choose to show up and hear the voices from each individual- such as your mind, body, heart and life- to then, reach in through the resistance to choose how you would like to respond. Hearing the voices and finding the calm.
  • Response > Reflex: As the leader of your life, what will you do when your life looks to you for guidance? Will you take your time to consider the options and make a decision with your full presence, awareness and intelligence or will you react reflexively and perpetuate the undesirable pattern? Remember, leaders lead.

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