Making Things Visible

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on making things visible. By choosing to turn the light on and operate in this way, you are in essence choosing to return to the present moment– now able to work with what is in front of you. It is very difficult to work in the dark. Here, we can implement a simple affirmation such as: I choose to return to the present moment, as we place both hands over our heart, choose to come back home and mean it.

  • Step 1 & 2 Always, Connection & Presence: Plugging in the light and choosing to turn it on sets the stage to utilize our power source as we check in to see what is there by making things visible.
  • Making Things Visible: Often, we avoid seeing what is there because we are afraid that we may not be able to work with it. However, what is there is there and by choosing to shift out of the dark into the light, we become more able to call upon resources, learn tools and engage with each experience in a strengthened way.
  • Working With Who And What Does Show Up: As experiences arise, they become workwith-able. Here, we can decide to discard, repurpose, or move things around.
  • Your Reality Creation: What we say goes, we can’t create solely from the mind- we must create with our hands, our hearts and ultimately our choices. With the light on, it is much easier to do just this.
  • The Reflex To Repress: How much energy does it take to lock up, dismiss and repress our experiences? A lot. When we notice a reflex to repress, bring it into the light, hold the experience, become aware of the different angles and open up to receive guidance and or a release. I find prayer and the support of God to be helpful here- medicinal in every way. Through prayer, I have a tangible way to access my faith in the present moment, knowing that everything and everyone is working for and with me to create a lighter and brighter world- even if it does not appear this way on the surface. I also find curiosity to be helpful through the cringe of getting to and being with the truth. I’ve also always found the truth to be oh so freeing even as parts of me feel incapable of handling or afraid of it all together. In this, I can listen to these parts, better understand them and make the choice to see the truth anyways. This is where these parts can exhale, evolve and learn how capable they are of shifting, changing and rearranging through courage and faith in the self and the process of life.

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