“From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life” – Marie Kondo, Japanese organization consultant, author, and TV presenter.

Let Go & Grow: Marie Kondo Inspired Home Organization

There are many reasons to declutter and begin to organize our homes: to free up more space, release possessions that may weigh down on us emotionally, make room for new things to come into our lives, clear up a disorganized space to reduce stress and overwhelm, or maybe we are entering into a new phase in our lives. Whatever your reason may be, clearing up our spaces can leave us feeling much lighter and feeling more in control of our things versus them having control over us (+ less distractions!) In this article, we will go over some Let Go & Grow philosophy and give some local resources in the Orlando area and some nationwide resources to possibly sell/donate your items. Let’s get started!

Sorting through our belongings requires being honest and vulnerable with ourselves- which may be uncomfortable at first because it may entail working through some of our deepest fears- but if done right, it also gives us the power to cultivate awareness and help the way that we show up in each present moment. It is important to release as much as possible to create space versus just reshuffling into the same old places (very similar to health and the body really). Sometimes, we may find ourselves playing whac-a-mole versus creating true space and this is where being connected to the process is key.

Returning to the present moment is much like “turning on the light”. Once you are fully present and the light is finally turned on, you will begin to see all of the stuff you have buried and left unaddressed. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed as it often looks like an old and abused attic or some sort of back room, garage-like area filled with dust, dirt and boxes that contain old and outdated thoughts, feelings and painful experiences. This is where most people turn the light back off and run for the hills. We can’t blame them! When we learn how to let go and release things that do not work for us anymore to optimize what does, our fallback point naturally lessens and we can begin to see that true progress takes place. Letting go can be like feeling daylight for the first time (*sparks of joy!)

3:01, Reaching In To Hold The Space For Transformation To Unfold + The Heart Based Practice

After you are connected and present to start the decluttering process- in your body, feel how uncomfortable your home is to live in. Through the 3:01 method, know that you are choosing it before it chooses you (to create expansion). Allowing yourself to be with yourself lets us drop barriers and tangled webs of resistance, which then allows us to utilize intentionality to let the new in. Each time you choose to reconnect in this way, you form new pathways, making it easier each time. Soon enough, you will begin to see what doesn’t work as a series of dead ends that you can just say “no” to before the experience comes into form.

For more on connecting to the present moment, make sure to check out the heart based practice, our signature 3 min. meditation right here. For a video walkthrough of the heart based practice + more free holistic resources, sign up for our Free Let Go & Grow® Membership right here!

How To Start Decluttering & Begin Home Organization

Decluttering and organization is often seen as a chore because it feels like a lot of work, but what if we could change the way we view the task and make it into a fun experience? Put on your favorite comfortable outfit, turn on your favorite songs, eat some delicious snacks during the process, burn your favorite candle, maybe even invite a friend over if you want some company and include lots of laughs in your process of letting go of what no longer serves you! Another option could also be to declutter in complete silence, very slowly and make it into a sort of meditative experience. How can you begin to make it fun for you?

After you are comfortable and get the process started, it is important recognize your little wins, such as:

  • going somewhere to get your photos/videos digitalized from old cameras
  • donating bags of clothes that you do not wear
  • regifting items to your family and friends
  • posting items online for sale
  • hosting a garage sale
  • spending a few hours scanning paperwork

As a helpful tip, write down a list of potential destinations for your unwanted items (*we have a list of local places in the Orlando area below as well as nationwide resources for your reference as potential places to sell used clothing, electronics, gaming cards, digitalizing photos/videos and more!)

As you let go and declutter your home, also notice you are getting rid of things like:

  • not knowing what you own or where certain items are
  • the overwhelm of a cluttered and crowded space
  • not making full use of your space or items
  • unnecessary spending and consumption
  • possessions that may weight you down emotionally

Remember to start small, take things one step at a time and always be patient with yourself. Most importantly, have fun with the process and make it into a gratifying experience. Notice the things that you will gain by letting go and decluttering:

  • sharing your previous possessions with others by giving away what you don’t need
  • gratitude of current belongings and abundance
  • getting more use of what you already have
  • presence, peace and tranquility of a clean home
  • the power to cultivate awareness

We can all reflect and apply the teachings of decluttering/organization in every part of our lives to have greater focus, sense of meaning, simplicity and peace. We encourage you to take daily actions to let go of what no longer serves you to create more flow and ease in your life. So let’s get started! Shall we?

Local Orlando Resources (+ Nationwide Resources) For Home Organization

Orlando Clothing Resale Stores (+ Nationwide Clothing Resale Stores)

Orlando Electronics Resale Stores (+ Nationwide Electronics Resale Stores)

Orlando Gaming Card Resale Stores (+ Nationwide Gaming Card Resale Stores)

Orlando Film/Photo Digitization Stores (+ Nationwide Film/Photo Digitization Stores)

More Resources On Home Organization

More Resources

Resources From Dr. Brooke Stuart / Let Go & Grow®

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