“Embodiment is living within, being present within the internal space of the body.” – Judith Blackstone

Embodiment & The Fundamentals

So often, we may disembody because we feel that we can’t handle a certain intense, fear-based experience, or even an intense, pleasure-filled emotional state. In both realms, we may have a tendency to check out of the present moment, but there are many ways that we can be with ourselves and experience safety in these kinds of moments that we are typically taught to suppress. Many times, we may get lost in our own thoughts that we are unaware of our body-mind connection to the point that we are not sufficiently mindful of the moment. We may lose touch with what’s actually happening, right now. So, how can we begin to come home, become aware, and choose to access the power that we’ve grown into?

At the most basic level, having a strong and resilient foundation becomes a springboard for so much more and without it, all of our health and growth practices will fall short. The fundamentals (such as mindset, diet and lifestyle) are a series of choices that we can make every single day to take care of the basics and move forward with confidence. In this, they have the ability to remove limitations and click us back into our natural state. We begin to free up energetic resources to lessen the noise and clear the path, making it much easier to simply continue the journey with the new. For more on fundamentals, check here.

In this natural state, when we identify and optimize our fundamentals, we can then make them our own and enter into enhanced states of health and vitality as we deepen into and continue to draw upon what actually works for us. Let Go & Grow. Make it as simple as picking an apple off of a tree- one choice at a time. Choose new choices in the present moment, focus forward and continue creating in this way.

Checking In With Yourself

When you can send yourself signals of safety through the basic fundamentals, this is where you can really begin to engage with yourself versus check out and suppress what is meant to be coming up. Here, it is extremely important to remove judgment for observation and allow ourselves to connect with experiences versus suppress them. Observation can allow us to release, integrate, and embody the lessons that we are learning.

For example, you may find that you’re experiencing something in your chest, so connecting with your chest- whether it is tapping, placing your hands over it, or giving your chest a light touch- letting yourself ground through your body and connecting with that experience can be really helpful. Check here to learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and how tapping can balance the activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic regions of your brain.

Say you are taking a beautiful walk with your dog and you’re enjoying the moment, but all of a sudden, you have this voice in your head and worry just steps in and reflexes into your present moment experience. This is where we can begin to observe, not judge ourselves and say it is wrong, but observe and recognize that we are safe in the moment as we are taking our walk. We can take a deep breath and let ourselves know we are safe in the moment. By checking in with ourselves, we can help release certain deeply rooted patterns and into great new truths that we are okay.

“Since emotions run every system in the body, don’t underestimate their power to treat and heal.” – Dr. Candace Pert

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