Easier Done Than Said

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on flipping the script and turning the phrase, “easier said than done” to “easier done than said.”  There are many situations in our lives that can be easier to do, by way of action, than avoiding- by way of explanation. We can choose to rise above the distractions and take intentional effort instead of avoiding the tasks at hand. Always remember that just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

  • It Is Actually Not Easier Said: When you shift your perspective and acknowledge the reality that both exert energy yet only one provides experience and a movement forward, we can choose with increased intentionality as we proceeds with that which clears the path and promotes functionality. When you zoom out and look objectively at your options you can clearly see that engagement in the process lessens the noise, makes your life an easier and more peaceful place to be. While recirculated chit chat heightens and placation creates an increasing amount of distrust, pain and insecurity- to turn your attention toward your power and set you free.
  • Get Real: If you are going to talk about it, truly consider it as you try it on to see how it can actually work. Here, I encourage you not to be afraid of starting small, one thing always leads to another- it’s about building something real in reality which takes pulling thought form into creation through choice. This becomes easier as you acknowledge and embrace who, what and where you truly are- shining a light on all that you are, all that you have and all that you can do.
  • Train Your Mind: Who has who? Do you have your mind or does it have you? Here, you have the opportunity to rework thought form continuously, towards empowerment, and apply the perspective that opens doors in your life experience to walk through.
  • Walls Are Just Illusions: I often visualize resistance as an upright cardboard box that you can simply fold up and throw out or walk right over. If you saw it as fixed, you would walk away but if you actually engage in the experience you would quickly realize that the only problem lies within your lack of engagement and perspective.
  • Creators, Create: Problems are solutions in the making and if you don’t exercise your ability to create, through your power of choice, you are in essence, making your own life miserable and taking away your own power by dismissing it directly.

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