In this episode, we talk about self-confidence and what it takes to believe in yourself. A more formal definition of self-confidence entails a firm trust in one’s abilities, qualities and choices made. How can we begin to deepen this kind of complete and unconditional faith in one’s self? Let’s dive in.

  • Become Available: Presence involves showing up, showing up requires intention and commitment and self reflection, and to make self reflection productive it requires align action taken to yield self-confidence.
  • Engage The Change: Once we become clear on what is and isn’t working and why, we can begin to engage the change. From there, we can experience our experiences, learn and continue to apply what we have learned- allowing it to deepen and integrate into a well of self-confidence
  • Invest In Yourself: Working with the fundamentals and making choices that align with health, well-being and our high good, can be looked at as tokens invested in the self-confidence bank. Here, dividends come into play as we appreciate the lessons learned by extracting the value in the here and now and bringing in them forward on choice at a time.
  • Self-Confidence Must Be Earned: The concept of confidence is a beautiful one- but the truth is that it must be earned through our choices. Choices have consequences, and if we build and stack on the ones conducive to health and growth, we will begin to tilt in the right direction, creating a deep trajectory of growth and development through creation.
  • Unconditional Authenticity: Are we practicing what we teach? Day in and day out- yes, we are human, yes, we are gods (image and likeness), yes, peace of mind comes with taking the noise out of thin air, evaluating it and applying the change through choice, with confidence in ourselves and faith in what could never meet the eye. One step at a time. Confidence must be earned, and we can activate it right away through beginning to show up and take aligned action- both- and, here at Let Go & Grow, never either- or, taking the human condition into consideration while also exercising what is whole and complete inside of ourselves. If you don’t know where to start, you can start here with your own heartbeat through the heart based practice.

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