Guardrails For Growth

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on guardrails for growth. With growth, it’s important to establish guardrails that serve as warning signs and checkpoints, guiding us along the journey and fostering confidence in the process.

  • Guardrails For Growth: Guardrails keep us from falling. They can serve as a warning and a valuable check point. As we move along this journey, it can be helpful to check in with ourselves and ask, what we can let go of and develop as we facilitate a confidence within this growth oriented process?
  • Give Me A Map!: Believe it or not, I have found that the growth oriented process, although unique in nature, can be mapped out. For more on this, check out the resources housed on or book a free consultation to discuss!
  • Two Fears: There are two fears that can plague a growth oriented person- one, the fall back point. It’s natural to be afraid of returning to the experiences we once lived in and experienced. Two, stagnation. Once we become aware of these fears, we can work with and cognitively process our working solutions as a way to reorient and outgrow as we deepen in understanding and resolve.
  • Listen To Hear: When we take the time to listen, we begin to hear what we need to hear to know how we need to grow.
  • Roots & Wings: Evolution, in this sense, is a paradox. Here, we have to honor how we evolved through biological systems to provide a container to have, hold and build upon the desires that lie within us. Here, we can connect to and deepen our roots as we expand our wings!

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