Construct Proliferation And Clearing Clarity Blocks

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on construct proliferation and clearing clarity blocks. Recognizing what feels right and wrong helps us connect with our inner compass and build a personal code of ethics. When external noise diminishes, it becomes easier to listen to our heart and make necessary choices!

  • Construct Proliferation: Research Gate defines construct proliferation as the accumulation of ostensibly different but potentially identical constructs representing organizational phenomena.
  • Alignment: When we align our words with a specific meaning and get clear on our overall database we can treat and work with them accordingly. Different parts of us may require different forms of treatment.
  • Right & Wrong: Giving yourself permission to use the words right and wrong, negative and positive allows for a gravitas to take place- meaning we can actually connect with our inner compass when we define what feels right and wrong to us specifically. Without the clarity, our choices can become diluted and direction difficult to access. Noticing what feels right and wrong to us allows us to build our code of ethics.
  • This Is Your Home: Seeing yourself as the parent to the children represented by your parts can be a helpful visual as you get to know each and every one of them as you make an effort to bring about harmony to your home.
  • Inner Compass: When the noise lessens, you can finally hear what you need to hear to make the choices you need to make from your heart.

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