Diagnostic Criteria, A Symphony Of Solutions And How You Make Perfect Sense

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on diagnostic criteria, a symphony of solutions and how you make perfect sense. When we allow our thoughts and feelings to surface and examine them openly, we can understand the connections and patterns that govern our well-being. Granting ourselves space to breathe and be present fosters connection and movement, preventing stagnation. Healing thrives in safe environments where we can align our choices with our true selves.

  • When This Nonsense Makes Perfect Sense: When we let our thoughts, feelings, signs and symptoms breathe we can lay them out on the table to put the pieces together. When we give ourselves permission to look at them, we can finally understand sequences, symphonies and what we can do to harmonize and make sense of the constellation before us. In this, health is an art and a science, and you make perfect sense!
  • Diagnostic Criteria: When we have different ways to diagnose, we have different ways to think about the problem at hand and treat! This is one of the many reasons I love Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and functional medicine. We have options that can open up our minds to treat in a way that can work for each unique individual.
  • When Nothing Is Too Big Or Too Small: In the first session with a patient, I always relay there is nothing too big or too small that we can or can’t talk about. I find this begins the process of unblocking and allows us to just dive into what is coming up- setting the tone for non-judgment, observation and a way to aerate, process and constellate.
  • Room To Breathe and Be With: We can give ourselves the gift of this room by opening the windows at any point in time. This alchemy brings air to our lungs helping us to breathe and work with life versus shutting it down and disconnecting from it in a way where boxes stack and movement slows.
  • Safe Places: Healing requires that specific signals of safety are sent and precise treatment is made. When we make it safe to be with our experiences, we can finally see what we need to see and hear what we need to hear to choose the choices that align with who we are.
  • Heart-Centered Leadership: Parts! We all have many parts, and it’s extraordinarily important to learn about our parts, how they work, sound, etc. so we can see who is operating and choose where we specifically want to lead from. In my practice, I see the heart as the master of the mind and body able to give us direct access to you and to a coherent state. When it seems hard to follow our own heart, it’s often because we haven’t taken the steps to tune into and understand how it works and operates. The heart is not impulsive or flippant, it’s simply there found in the quiet, making sense of the nonsense, like an inner compass, pointing you home to you. Within this direction, lies your health, freedom, safety, peace, progress, etc.

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