We Don’t Belong In The Weeds

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how we don’t belong in the weeds. As you continue to get clear and choose choices that feel like truth- you will become ever more present allowing the chips to fall where they may become increasingly comfortable with the uncomfortable through the faith and acknowledgment that experiences can turn out even better than initially imagined.

  • We Don’t Belong In The Weeds: Noticing your specific flavor of and recipe of noise can help you stay out of the weeds. When you notice ego, you don’t have to engage. Here, you can decide to connect without getting caught up. In this, you give yourself more access to yourself making who- what- and where you are ever more available!
  • Placing Our Happiness First: Beginning to care about ourselves more and the reactions of others less is not the same as caring about them (others) less. Caring matters- self care and caring about others, but this is not equivalent to and does not mean that we must forgo our own preferences to people please. This can mean staying true to the self and working with the context of our lives- giving other people to be more real with us and do the same.
  • Removing Expectation & Obligation: We can begin to unhook the need to’s and have to’s by simply beginning to connect to our options, choices, can do’s and want to’s.
  • Mirage: When it comes to family dynamics we often make up stories versus work with and develop what is. When we choose to work with what is, we can connect more to ourselves and others.
  • Words Matter: As does our intention. When we choose our words, we can also choose our intent to empower our creations.

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