In this segment on WKMG channel 6 news, Dr. Brooke Stuart talks about how to let go of stress, unwind and bring 2018 full circle by extracting the lessons and reviewing the year without reliving it! For the full segment, check out the video above!

Throughout the segment we discuss how to bring the year full circle with the following steps:

  • Take a step back to connect to your heart
  • Return to the present moment
  • Own your power of choice
  • Review the past year and engage the Let Go & Grow process
  • Focus on the Fundamentals (healthy eating, sleeping, relaxation, play, movement, community)

For more holistic information, community support and a tried and true springboard that can help you address the fundamentals and unlock your power to heal in the new year, feel free to check out the Let Go & Grow program. We would love to have you in there! This is the exact process I teach my patients and apply in my own life, and have seen time and time again become a catalyst for radiant health, freedom and a life lived true to you.