On Solution Orientation, Receptivity and Seeing Yourself for Who You Are

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion with business students at the UCF Exchange about solution orientation, receptivity and seeing themselves for who they are. Here she speaks to self-actualization, owning leadership ability through the power of choice and in listening to what is coming up in our lives, within ourselves to make informed decisions that map our vision. Through small shifts and everyday practices we can learn and grow with the confidence only a solid and resilient foundation can provide.

  • Intention + Commitment: Place it in the ecosystem and bring it to life through your choices- reality creation takes heart and execution and an honoring of your ability to choose choices through a utilization of your ability to create. The more “good” choices you make, the easier they are to make and vice versa. Stack your choices wisely and watch the scale tilt in your favor.
  • Learning To Learn Through Love: Learning can be simple and fun- we can learn to learn differently. So often as children, we learn to berate ourselves in an effort to protect ourselves in many ways, much more on this later, but if we relearn to learn through love versus fear, we can safely drop into the journey and enjoy it, with deep fulfillment, along the way. As a species, we are hardwired for growth and we grow through learning, without a love for, a resistance to the process becomes all too common- setting off the sequence of distress which increases from resistance and friction to inflammation and dysfunction which can then, proceed into disease- all states of disorientation and disorder that are important to address in order to align with health through truth.
  • Receptivity: Receptivity requires connection and presence- a showing up for life to receive from it. Here, we can take the time and space to reflect and review to process through our experiences to extract the value, and appreciate them by applying what we have learned as we move forward in the now moment.
  • Solution Orientation: We know truth when we see it, feel it and hear it- it’s like the tree that stands tall and straight amidst a forest where all others twist left- don’t let the noise keep the solution at bay- you can continue to clear the path by recognizing the noise and honoring your truth by acting accordingly. There is no need to break yourself!
  • Come As You Are, Own Who You Could Be: As we learn to grow through being human, we can begin to, without judgment, notice what does and doesn’t work and why. Here, we can begin to bridge the gap by becoming aware of and applying the available information (brought through various forms such as thought, feelings and perception) to our power of choice, where we can engage change through reflection, and thus informed consent, and an obedience to what feels right to us, from courage, through love, able to directly channel our divinity through creativity and into reality creation. This takes an openness to come as you are, to own who you could be and a complete commitment to your truth and the exploration of it.

Not sure where to begin? You can always reconnect, reset and remember, through heart based practice, our simple 3 min. meditation right here.

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