Pillars Of Stability

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on the pillars of stability. Through simple, self-care practices we can begin to learn that we can rely on ourselves. With this reliance comes trust and self-confidence which can be built and deepened over time. This creates an ecosystem of safety and security, that cannot be taken away, and that stabilizes the systems through life’s many transitions. From this space, you can utilize who (creator) and what (capable, important, unique, etc.) you are through the present moment, where you can smooth out and work through the highs and lows, as you navigate, and choose your response with intentionality.

  • Removing Volatility For Stability: By acknowledging the energetic frequencies that bring volatility to your life you can begin to opt out of them, saying no to say yes to yourself and yes what brings stability and peace matters. Here, through informed consent, you can choose who and what you keep in your life.
  • Utilizing Intentionality: Here, with intentionality, you can make a list of choices that reconnect you to who, what and where you are. If you are unsure of where to start, I highly recommend starting with the heart based practice. From this place you can begin to notice when you expand and contract.
  • Returning Right Back To Where You Belong: If you are on a growth-oriented path, it is imperative to have a way to return to the place you have grown into and earned- aka the best version of yourself so that you can move forward from there- we all fall but falling yields growth when we have a way to discern the messages, read the signs and take in the lessons. How can you return and move forward with momentum when you feel you have fallen? through choice. Whether it’s through working with a certain practitioner, attending a certain class, saying a specific affirmation or writing in a journal- making a conscious effort to return counts. From here, in this place of heightened awareness, you can iron out the issues and objectively address them.
  • Conscious Consumption Through Conscious Choice: At the end of the day, the choice is ours- who and what are we choosing to have in our lives? And are we going about it in the best way in this now moment? One step at a time, but remembering we have a choice in how we walk forward is key.
  • Growing In The Light: When we choose choices that remind us of who we are and choose to be around people and in environments that feel like light, we feel safe and in this, can more naturally open up and flourish. Here, choosing the best choices available to us is a gift we can give to ourselves.

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