The Parts Of Ourselves And How To Hear Them

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on the parts of ourselves and how to hear them. As we learn how to work with the process, we can continually ground ourselves through the fundamentals such as healthy mindset, diet and lifestyle basics. In this, through simple self-care practices, we begin to learn that we can begin to listen to- and rely on, certain parts of ourselves.

  • Naming The Parts: Naming the parts calls them from the dark into the light of day. It’s helpful to have a vocabulary around the different parts of self so that you can break them down and begin to identify the associated characteristics.
  • Your Family: The parts of self can be looked at as your children, your family, at the dinner table. Here, you can begin to observe how they communicate with one another and how each part is affected by the next and vice versa. How do they act when certain dishes (experiences) are served? By observing each part, their voice and how they interact with one another, you will begin to naturally hear them.
  • Listen To Hear: In order to hear and drop into an understanding, it is imperative that you acknowledge that they exist in the first place. From there, you can form a connection and observe following the thread from listening to hearing the message that lies beneath the surface.
  • End The War: When parts argue and combust in their own special ways- it’s important to know that it is all for you- there is nothing and no one to fight with here. They are all parts of you. Here, by choosing to turn towards the dysfunction you can begin to access the process where you can actually work through what is coming up amidst the chaos. From this place you can identify the problems as you turn towards the solutions that work for every area of your life. Cue expansion and growth versus contraction and confinement.
  • Slow Down: There is no need to rush through the process. Take your time. Consider your options. Then, allow yourself to reach in to choose the best choice available to you. When you notice a reflex, let yourself be with it, before reacting so that you can respond from a place of how and authority only inviting in what is in alignment with you and where you are choosing to go. Easier said than done on the surface- but actually easier done than said. Much easier.

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