On Your Network, Toxicity And Adjusting Towards And Within The Light

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on your network, toxicity and adjusting towards and within the light. Having an empowered community around you is important, as we are here to give and receive and through empowering connections, like mentors, we can build out a reciprocal healing network that honors this energetic exchange.

  • The Power Of A Glorious Network: Networking is HUGE. We are not meant to be in this life alone. Community can be visualized as a stunning umbrella experience that we can build with intention as we expand out, while equally lessening our fall back point becoming more resilient as we recognize our own light and place people, places, things and situations around us in a way that can amplify it.
  • Who Do I Have?: Not having a network is as much a part of the process as having one. It is okay to approve of where you are right now in this moment. From this place, you can start to build yourself up as you open up by placing yourself into experiences with intention and engage.
  • Building Your Network: As you begin to build your network- you can think about what is personally and professionally important to you. A network is a place you can go to give and receive. You will naturally feel more able to open up to certain people and in certain social situations. This is a sign. Here, think family (even if it is chosen), friendships, co-workers, mentors, counselors, coaches, environments (I love tennis!), etc. What turns you on and ignites your flame? What are you drawn to? Who are you drawn to? and how can you make engaging fun, easy and accessible as you begin to surround yourself with who and what brings out the best in you.
  • Reminders of Pure Light: As you begin to attend to, focus on and see the light within yourself, you will naturally begin to identify it elsewhere. The best part of a network is the chance to bring your authentic self to the table and up level as you surround yourself with the people, places, things and situations that have also accessed their own light to amplify yours. Here, you can begin to see, feel and know the places you naturally rearrange yourself to be better and actually grow versus darken. As always, it starts with you- look into yourself and your home- how can you brighten up so you can relax, take pride and be with yourself increasingly?
  • Serendipity and Relinquishing Control: There is no need to get caught up in each moment with each person overanalyzing if it is or isn’t working. You will know. Focus on the process and on becoming the best version of yourself. How do you feel in your own body, your own mind, with what you bring to the table and with your own choices? If you don’t like it. Cool. Change it. From this place, you have the opportunity to surrender, relinquish control and practice the art and science of showing up fully with a focus on where you are headed. You also have the opportunity to notice the issues that arise and where walls of protection come into play so that you can go deeper and clear them to be able to connect more to yourself true self and power. People are naturally drawn to people who show up with a big smile, are friendly and curious, look you in the eye, enjoy life with a vision and have enough confidence to listen and share. These are qualities that lie within each and everyone of us and can be developed over time. You do not need to wait to be some fake image of perfection- you can actualize along the way and grow as you go. Let nothing stop you!

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