In Support Of The Authentic Self, On How To Choose The Choices That Match Who You Are

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on supporting your authentic self and how to choose the choices that match who you are. You can strengthen new patterns by choosing what you believe in and aligning your choices accordingly. Consider answering this question as a journal prompt: How would your day change if you believed you matter?

  • You Matter: Your voice matters simply because you matter. You are important and you make a difference. If your voice is not valued in your place of work or elsewhere- make sure it matters enough to you to make the appropriate changes or have the appropriate conversations that can create an open environment and ecosystem to comfortably be in.
  • Deriving Your Importance From Within: So often we look to validate our sense of self, our importance, value, etc. through our achievements, appearance, and other external factors- versus recognizing that we are important and allowing health and growth oriented choices to flow from that place.
  • How Would Your Day Change If You Believed You Matter?: Start from the top of the morning until you tuck yourself to sleep at night- how would your day change if you believed you matter? Would you speak your truth, put on makeup, not wear it at all, work out, eat healthy. If inspired, take a moment to journal on this prompt.
  • Questions Bring Clarity and Contrast: So often, questions and the process of inquiry through a tapping into our innate ability to generate curiosity and mean it- can help us to identify and delineate between what is and isn’t for us as we naturally acclimatize accordingly.
  • Choose What Matches Your Authentic Self: When you choose the choices that match the truth of who you are, you will begin to invest in and accelerate the emergence of the authentic self. This builds an ongoing momentum that holds within it a regenerating effect- making it increasingly easier to let go and grow into the depth within and the expansion equally available as you go to, access and explore the new places within yourself and the world.

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