On Strengths, Weaknesses, Communication and Validation

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on strengths, weaknesses, communication and validation. We can bridge the gap and turn what is into what isn’t by continuing to work on our weaknesses and double down on our strengths. We can work on both and we will know when which takes precedence at the various stages of our life experience- making choices out of love for ourselves bypassing the reflex of fear, time and time again.

  • On Strengths and Weaknesses: As an employer or employee, it’s helpful to enter into a state of observation as you sort through and evaluate both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Focusing In On Your Strengths: Leadership teams are beginning to focus in on people’s strengths as opposed to weaknesses to empower individuals and the unique placement on teams. This is being done through personality tests and other methods.
  • You Are Not Broken: What if we approved of everything coming up and going on within us- our strengths, our weaknesses and everything in between? What if parts and pieces just need to be adjusted and rearranged to fit perfectly together?
  • What If Something Is Really Right With You: Many times, when we feel we are broken- realizations are just coming to the surface. In this, you become the perfect facilitator to a perfect process- remaining and reminding yourself of how whole and complete you are.
  • Positioning Yourself Accordingly: When you change up environmental and placement factors, you can shift the dial towards expansion and an open road. Instead of trying to force yourself into a position, it can be helpful to identify and find out where you naturally thrive!

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