Leave It, Releasing The Need To Explain, Justify, Rationalize or Defend Our Choices

Building off of last week’s episode, 3:01, in this episode, I challenge you to continue to place yourself first, to own a choice that you make today and dance with it into the next moment! So often, we feel the need to reflexively react through unnecessary explanation, justification, rationalization and defense mechanisms versus just being with our own decisions. This turns nothing into something in the blink of an eye. So, if you are going to turn nothing into something, make it light- have fun, remain empowered and make it even better and more expansive! all of which becomes increasingly possible as you reclaim your identity by reconnecting to who you truly are.

  • Your Choices are Your Own: So often we feel that we must explain, justify, rationalize and defend our simple every day choices, and we don’t have to. These mind games makes choices dense and heavy to carry when they can be light and free.
  • Release the Ways of the World: No one is normal. What even is normal? Not you. Not me. Not anyone I’ve ever met- we all have unique preferences and attributes and these intricacies and differences make the world interesting and bright. So if you choose to do something out of the ordinary, just do it and enjoy yourself for it! This week I made an impromptu video on IG on three concepts, one being strength versus atrophy– check it out if you feel inspired. The key message here is to allow yourself to be you and part of this is learning what you like and don’t like, which choices feel right and wrong to you and then, and finally, strengthening this connection through utility.
  • You are not your choices: and even if you were, which you are not, you would not have to explain, justify, rationalize or defend them. You can form a new relationship with your creations and just be with them, knowing who you truly are, remaining centered, and empowering them along the way.
  • Shift Your Energy: Your energy speaks volumes, and you don’t even have to say a word. It’s often not about what you say, it’s how you say it. Keep it light! Dance and take the time and space to learn how to work with your ecosystem in this way.
  • Onto The Next: After you do whatever you are doing that doesn’t require the explanation, justification, rationalization and the array of defense mechanisms available- simply, move onto your next moment versus staying stuck in the ego’s wheel of analysis and fixation. Yes, be receptive to guidance- but in this way ask empowering questions versus questioning yourself. You can’t control other people, what they think and how they feel-  and why would you even want to? Just go on and be free- let your choices be what they are and move onto the next moment. Once you embrace who you truly are, you will no longer be moved by choices in the same way. It becomes easier to let the chips fall where they may- because your identity and sense of security will no longer be wrapped up in the ways of the world. Your identity will be reclaimed and reallocated to you, its rightful owner.

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