Boundaries, When Saying No Is Saying Yes To Yourself

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on boundaries as a way to honor and assert the self, rework the present and allow for new and improved experiences to emerge. Authentic and intentional boundary setting can create the space for you to simply be you, as you break free from the confines of toxicity allowing healthier patterns set in and develop. Here, we can learn to honor our selves by communicating with strength and through love.

  • Boundaries: It takes what it takes and sometimes it takes time and space to experience the difference, have a new preference, to be with yourself, in the depths and in the quiet to listen and look at and furthermore, hear, see and act with clarity. Boundaries can come in many forms – from muting toxicity on instagram to blocking a phone number to viewing an experience in a different way or a conversation that must be had.
  • When Saying No Is Saying Yes To Yourself: Are you delaying the inevitable by consenting to actions and forms of communication that don’t serve you vs. that which reflects who and what you truly are? If so, simply acknowledging this is 75% of the battle. Through acknowledgement, you can begin to say yes to a new tract, based on what lies within, allowing for more informed consent to take hold as you intentionally plug into the reality creations that hold high vibes and free.
  • Where Do I End And You Begin?: Life is lived in the gray, and the exploration of this space is a continuum that can only be accessed through connection to what is, presence and observation that yields increased awareness that we can then, in turn utilize.
  • Expansion As A Boundary: Health, joy, peace, love, and the variety of expansive states that come about through honoring our true nature and choosing choices in alignment with these principles provide an increasingly buffered boundary through the toroidal field. This robust state, often brought about through the process of healing and growing, can, at times, help you reliably and safely navigate your ship to shore and unhook unhealthy patterns naturally along the way- leaving them behind, with a neutrality, as if they never existed. Lessons learned are value added. Thank you, next.
  • When You Remember To Remember, Remember: You do not need to beat yourself up if you don’t enforce a boundary you believe in properly this will evolve as you come to mean it. If you feel set back, get back into the present moment- reconnect. reset. remember. – where you can remind yourself of all that you are, all that you have and all that you can do. The process never ends.

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