Gracious Limitations, Green Lights and Simply, Taking The Next Step

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on gracious limitations, green lights and simply, taking the next step. When we let go of what we think it should be, what we think we want and focus on what is and what we actually want, our focus moves from outcome and destination to process and journey.

  • Grounding: Finding joy in the mundane and within the skills that you may not be typically be drawn to by removing judgment and giving them a chance is worth opening up to and can be a highly satisfying and grounding experience.
  • Gracious Limitations: Gracious limitations can act as a guiding light! We all need a way to make choices and filter- and this is what reality can do for and with us.
  • Green Lights: When an avenue feels like an open road, take it- as you sort through the location your choices are coming from and how and if they align with you and your vision.
  • Vision: You see what you see for a reason and that is okay. Your vision is perfect, and it is important to continue to check in with yourself and come back to it as you move forward.
  • Simply, Taking The Next Step: As you hold your vision within your heart and mind, allow yourself to relinquish control, surrender and trust the process as you embrace the present moment and take the next relevant step along the way.

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