On Pax, Serendipity & The Story of Us

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on the story of Pax and moments of serendipity. By getting introspective, becoming aware and choosing to connect, you give yourself the opportunity to look at, learn from, let go of and grow through the experiences you face- to essentially set yourself free. You must let go, have faith and know that what is meant to be will and shall not pass you by. With that said, this is a process and a journey- answers are not always immediate but found in time. When they come, let them in, let them change you.

  • Creation: It is what it is, it’s what we make it as creator and it’s also a universal creation as a collective.
  • Opening Up: You can’t fake or force the process. Opening up to life itself, requires us to delicately navigate the ins and outs as we let go and grow.
  • A True Connection: When you have the gift of an irreplaceable connection, you know the difference and are willing to wait for the real deal, knowing that anything less comes at a price.
  • Releasing The Need To Control: As we begin to embrace the belief that all of life happens for, with and through us- we also begin to trust and develop deep faith in a benevolent universe that holds us. In this, we begin to release control and allow experiences to manifest and unfold better than we could even begin to imagine.
  • Taking The Lessons In: As we step forward with the lessons, we begin to embody the growth we have earned, knowing that with each step we take, we affirm the direction and clear the path. We may not know how our experiences will play out- but we can still understand how inner fulfillment works- where we choose, and it happens at its own time and in its own way.

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