We all have this deep, intrinsic desire to create health, have freedom, and experience lasting, impactful change yet most of us just don’t know how to make this happen. We just don’t know how to tap into this place.

Whether you want better health, an improved quality of life, to be the best version of yourself, or all three, what you truly want is change. You want to evolve, and you know in your heart that things can’t stay the same. You also know deep down that they don’t have to. So you are stuck, stuck in search mode because you haven’t found a true solution… yet. I feel you, I’ve been there too, and today, I want to share with you the philosophy and process that I discovered through my own experiences and developed over time through my work with patients.

Cue a formal introduction to the Let Go & Grow philosophy and process… This process requires an openness to explore who you truly are, the life you are meant to live and how you can become your own vehicle of change.

My Philosophy + Process

At this point in your own journey, you may be wondering how you can actually create health, have freedom and experience lasting change?

So in this article, I invite you to take my hand as we explore the process and philosophy that has led thousands of women, including myself, into their very own, unique transformation.

When you don’t know which way to go, go within.

We are going to do this by turning your focus within and shining a light on your perception, thoughts, feelings, and choices. In turn, your body and life will naturally begin to evolve as you clear the issues that stand in your way, while you align yourself with what you desire to create.

Here is a visual I created to help you envision this concept. Everything is connected, each piece of the puzzle is important, and you are the centerpiece. It starts with you.

Let Go & Grow

In essence, it’s all about closing in on the root and getting to the heart of the problem. This means it is as much about the process as it is about identifying the root, both are equally important and both lead to change. With that said, there is not just one root—but many roots. There are many lessons to be learned throughout this journey called life, and I am going to be right here to guide you all the way.

The challenges in your life are trying to send you a message.


In truth, every experience is here for you—to help you—even the painful ones. In fact, the painful ones are just knocking harder to get your attention, and the more you suppress, deny, stuff and disconnect from these experiences, the harder they will have to knock and the more painful they will become—all to get your attention and set you free. Within your own painful experiences lies the return of your power. You just have to finally choose it.

You see, when you “get it” your body and life will begin to reflect it. In this way, your body and life are nothing more than a prop not the problem. Your limited perception is the problem and problems can be solved. Once we make the necessary changes and shifts in perception, everything else will follow along naturally.

Before we continue on, I would like to introduce you to the relevant points in my philosophy and the process itself.

Let Go & Grow

Once you begin to acknowledge and embrace the principles above, you can then begin to apply them for constructive change.

The process is simple, and it has much to do with one word: Evolution.

Let Go & Grow

In working with the body and addressing the physiological, we will proceed with a functional approach as we come home to our roots in a way that still works in the world that we now live in. This means to eat real food, spend time outside in nature, move, play, relax and sleep as well as you can. In essence, it becomes important to acknowledge and embrace the boundaries of our physical bodies and be mindful of what they can and cannot relate to. For example, our bodies cannot relate to the vast amount of pesticides sprayed on genetically modified crops or the massive amounts of time we spend sitting behind a blue light screen. However, our bodies can relate to whole foods, rich in nutrients, and a day spent outside in the sun with our bare feet on the ground.

In working with the mental and emotional, we no longer need to remember our roots in such a primitive way. It is here where we are able to go beyond the boundaries of the physical world. It is here that we can let go and grow and connect to our intrinsic power and create the life we desire to live. It is in this arena that we must look at, learn from, let go of, grow through and transform what has seemingly worked against us into something that can work for us.

Evolution, in the context of this program, involves understanding our roots and furthermore embracing them so that we can in fact break the mental, emotional, and physiological barriers that stand in our way from living full and vibrant lives. Evolution becomes an evolution of the self, understanding that as human beings we must have roots and wings.

As your guide, my objective is simple. It is to help you look at, learn from and let go of what does not work and improve upon what does. This is what it means to Let Go & Grow. I want to help you to lessen your fall back point and move forward, holistically, in a powerful way that is true to you.

So let’s get started! Shall we?