On Creation, The Balancing Act

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on creation, the balancing act. As the creator of your reality, you must take full ownership of each and every life experience in order to fully experience yourself and your power. Owning your experiences frees them to work for you and allows you to shift the dial and change them. Here, it is what it is, and then, it can be what you make it.

  • The Creative Triad: As we turn within and access our power, we can begin to understand how creation works. Here, we can see how life is what it is, it is what we make it and it is the collection of us all woven together. At this intersection, we can find ourselves and learn to navigate with more grace and ease, bringing awareness to the traps and keeping them in check.
  • It Is What It Is: Life has a mind of its own, and many people believe there are through lines laid out that we have the opportunity to acknowledge and work with. However, if we overindulge “fate” in this way, we can get caught in the trap of waiting versus creating- checking out of the present moment into limbo, feeling stuck, apathetic and resigned- all signals that reflect a disconnect from our power.
  • It Is What You Make: You are the creator of your reality because you have the power to choose how you perceive, interact with and interpret your creations along with the practical choices you make each day. However, if you overindulge this belief and allow the ego to influence it you could begin to feel isolated, alone and the weight of the world on your shoulders. It’s not all up to you- so keep this creative triad in check and balanced is key.
  • Oneness: We are all connected, and we are all one- while equally being a unique individual. In this, the collective runs through us, and we have the opportunity to filter it in a way that is expansive for us. To disconnect from the whole, is to disconnect from ourselves, and to disconnect from ourselves in the name of the whole is to forsake all that you can and have to offer this world. You being you, embracing your gifts and talents, experiencing your experiences, creating in alignment by choosing to learn and grow- may be your sole purpose.
  • Build The New: Just as you can turn towards the truth and choose to see it, you can also build based on your desires. You have the power to opt out of old models and shift into new ones by changing your perspective of yourself to match truth and choosing choices that align with these principles. In this, you may notice a walking out of old cloaks, letting go of what is heavy for the freedom that comes with turning the light on and standing with yourself in it.

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