On Filters, Image and Why We Hide

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on filters, image and why we hide. Are we practicing what we teach? Day in and day out- yes, we are human, yes, we are gods (image and likeness), yes, peace of mind comes with taking the noise out of thin air, evaluating it and applying the change through choice, with confidence in ourselves and faith in what could never meet the eye.

  • Beauty: Beauty, at its core, is about being you and making the choices that are in alignment with who you are.
  • Removing Judgment And Being Bad: Judgment wounds the soul, and allows parasitic energy to take hold. You are not bad. You never were- and through a process of inquiry, you can begin to have direct access to yourself. Here, you can have the truthful conversations that will help you let go of the dysfunctional belief systems that injure your system just enough to keep you from experiencing the freedom and fullness that is there waiting.
  • Observation: Just like judgment wounds the soul, observation centers, rehabilitates and recovers it. As you begin to bypass the many layers of judgment, your soul will begin to heal, and you will begin to see yourself as you are and your choices for what they are.
  • On Filters: What if, like an aquifer, we learned how to filter our experiences, our choices and our intentions behind them? Through removing the judgment and joining with ourselves in inquiry and through observation, we can begin to dig deeply and ask the questions that bring about clarity. For example, am I making this choice out of a need to uphold an image or is it coming from a pure place that I am genuinely proud of? Once you are clear on the intent, you can choose with coherence- because who cares what it looks like on the outside if you know, inside of yourself, it’s coming from a healthy place.
  • You Are Inherently Good: What if you believed in your perfection and knew the world was a better place simply because you exist? Would you hide? or would you begin to be still, observe and learn how to properly love and care for yourself.

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